Charles Gruwell Design Studio Luxury Residence Sitting Room Design

“Our artistry and talent is some of the finest in the world.
It is our intention to provide design solutions which will
nurture, renew, & inspire.”

Throughout the entire design process, the dedication of our staff is focused on ensuring that our clients’ needs and desires are satisfied beyond their expectations.


We create spaces which are new and fresh interpretations in the world of interior design. Our designs are detailed, dramatic, and diverse. They also are exhilarating, luxurious, romantic, comfortable, and inviting. These characteristics translate into memorable impressions which last a lifetime. 


Our ultimate goal is to create spaces which touch the human spirit and are truly a personal experience. 

For more than 40 years we have been creating the most distinctive and alluring residential and hospitality commissions,
which gives us a unique perspective in the ever- evolving design marketplace.

Bringing visions to life requires unwavering commitment, great passion and impeccable style and character. 


We are dedicated to the Mastery of the Art of Design. We garner our inspiration from the possibility of a great idea not yet realized. The challenge to produce the best work possible is what guides our artistic abilities. 


Our designs are award-winning and are featured in such celebrated publications as Architectural Digest, Hospitality Design, and Interior Design Magazines.